remodeling spaces

We have a group of professionals to help you create new spaces that are comfortable, efficient and ecological, using new technologies and avant-garde products

M.Cunha Hotelaria is a comprehensive remodeling system for supermarkets, cafes, bars, restaurants, bakeries, among other similar business areas. The process includes the development of interior architecture and branding, remodeling accompanied by the client or “turn-key”. M. Cunha Hotelaria’s technicians are permanently monitoring the client, developing 2D and 3D projects, so the client has a perfect vision of the final result. This means a tailor-made solution for each client: perfectly adjusted to the specific situation and the respective requirements and wishes. Effective and safe, naturally efficient and future-oriented.

M.Cunha Hotelaria is an integral system of remodeling supermarkets, cafes, bars, restaurants, bakeries, among other similar business areas.


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It is not enough to perform. It is necessary to listen. And we search for the perfect solution. M.Cunha Hotelaria strives, without limits to accompany its clients as a competent partner. We know how to listen, look, motivate, and solve problems. And we are always there when a client needs us. To trust and effort is added the will to discover new ways and lead the market. We invest in research and development so that we can find even better solutions for our customers: innovative products, new business models, digital offerings. In this way, we actively help to build a more sustainable future.

The client must focus on its business model. M.Cunha Hotelaria assumes the space: whether in supermarket remodeling, shelves, toppers, layouts imposition, cold and frozen chambers, machinery and utensils for restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries, pastry shops, showcases, toasters, coffee machines, stainless steel furniture for custom industrial kitchens. In addition, we guarantee permanent technical support. The proximity to our customers, the constant sharing and the search for integral solutions: this makes M.Cunha Hotelaria.