M.Cunha professional

Aware of the need for the planet's sustainability, we market 100% recyclable and recycled products, complying with international standards

Created in May 2013 and located in Barcelos, the M.Cunha Professional project aimed essentially at the Horeca Channel comes at a time when the company felt the need to create a more specific department with its restaurant, hotel and bakery customers, raising its ability to respond to a more targeted level and adapted to these sectors.

Thus, the Group of 11 employees starts a small big project, in the conquest of retail customers and retailers betting on the speed of delivery and giving great importance to the commercial agent-customer contact, providing the service of face-to-face visit understanding that it is the best way to keep abreast of market needs and above all by wanting to create solid and lasting partnerships.

This department stands out for its wide range of products, with a cardex of more than 2,500 references for immediate delivery, ranging from neutral or customized pastry packaging, all kinds of shapes and take-away packaging, detergents, pizza boxes, napkins, plastic and paper bags for the most varied purposes, high performance oils, etc.

M.Cunha Professional has the commitment and motivation to follow the highest quality standards and celebrate success. It continuously seeks excellence, with the goal of improving all aspects of its client’s organization.