"Rio Sul for sure"

The M. Cunha Group is distinguished by the quality of the products of its own brands and / or exclusive distribution to some countries. M.Cunha has a wide range of own brands that identify themselves with the consumer, providing the best experience and quality assurance, involving consumers in our wide selection of products, from bulk grocery to hygiene products. The quality of our brands speaks for itself and builds loyalty among even the most demanding of consumers. Moreover, because transparency is a cornerstone for M.Cunha, all our references have descriptions in Portuguese, English, French and German. There are more than 25.000 references available to the customer.

Rio Sul, a brand with products from all areas, distinguished by quality/price over 800 references. Besides Rio Sul, M.Cunha offers a wide range of frozen pastries, following the strictest conservation standards, with proven quality, under the brand Tribom. It has also created other brands, meeting the needs and demands of customers, of wines such as Leiras da Cocheca, a certified green wine from a denominated area. Made from a selection of grapes to bring the most complex flavors of the vineyard to your glass, Malandreco, mature and green wines with irreverence, youth and quality, Mira Lua, mature wines from the Tua zone for a unique experience, Águia de Moura, wines from the Douro, with quality and premium concept.

Leader Price, a French brand owned by a tremendous success in France, represented by M.Cunha in Portugal and PALOP’s. The Leader Price products are a European reference with a wide variety of products (> 3000) of its own brand, maintaining a good quality/price ratio, designed to balance the family budget. Leader Price is uncompromising on the quality of the products offered to its customers. In Belgium, Leader Price has been voted “cheapest brand” for two years in a row. M.Cunha is proud to have been chosen to be the exclusive representative of the brand for Portugal.